eAuctionBlock offers big time convenience at a small time price. Your only costs for using the service are a minimal listing fee and a small commission based on the final sale price of the item on eBay.

 Listing Fees...
1.  No reserve auction: This means your item will sell to the highest bidder, no matter what that highest bid is.  This will guarantee the sale of your item (as long as someone bids on it).  The no reserve auction fee is $3.00.

2.  Reserve auction:  A reserve auction means that you want a certain dollar amount for your item and are not willing to accept anything less than that amount.  But, keep in mind, if no one meets the reserve amount in the bidding process, your item will not sell.  Our fee for this version is based upon the dollar amount of the reserve price.  Fees start at $11.00 for a reserve price between $0 - $49.99 and increase as the reserve price increases.  Contact us for an exact cost.

*All auctions will be 7 days and have a starting bid of $.99. eBay listing upgrades are also included to gain maximum exposure for your item.

 Our Commission...
eAuctionBlock's commission is on a sliding scale based on the final sale price of the item on eBay. As the sale price increases our commission rate drops:

30% of the first $200 of the sale
20% of the next $300 of the sale
15% of any remaining amount over $500
For example...

Selling price You Collect
Your % of Final Selling Price



There is a $5.00 minimum commission on all sales. 

Examples above include eBay and PayPal fees taken directly from your final sale price.

  eBay Fees: 5.25% of the first $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3% of $25.01-$1,000.00,      plus 1.5% of the remaining amount.

  PayPal Fees: 2.2% of the final sale price plus $.30.

For any items with an estimated eBay value over $5,000.00, please contact us.

Remember, the more it sells for, the more you save!

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